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Is Just Stream for me?

A browser extension for enjoying streaming

Sure you like websites where you can watch movies, series or sport events. But it's also true that those websites are full of advertisements, and they open hundreds of popups when you are just trying to press play.

Give Just Stream! a try
When it detects videos in webpages, it cleans up all the page contents taking the video to the front and making its controls accesible from the very first moment.

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What does Just Stream do?

Streaming sites usually embed videos from video hosting sites and add advertisements on top of it. Just Stream extract the video from the page that it hosted, and replace the contents of the streaming site just with the video. I makes you save a lot of time closing overlays.

Easy To Use

Just Stream works automatically when it detects a embeded video, taking that video to the front. You can always deactivate Just Stream for websites where you don't want it.

Does it remove ads?

Just Stream is not an ad blocker, it just replace the streaming page contents with the embeded video. That is enough to remove all the ads from the streaming website but, if there are advertisements in the video hosting site, they will still be there.

Just Stream is always improving

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